Advisory Board


Rupi Kaur

Poet, Author, Artist

When people with ideas get together: magic happens. Together- their ideas begin to grow. They develop roots. And limbs. Thoughts and minds of their own. That’s why gatherings like this are so important In spaces like this, you get to test the waters with what you’ve been working on. You get the opportunity to leave the world behind and selfishly focus on the ideas that have been floating around in your heart. And be inspired by the magic floating around in the hearts of others. The result is productive and satisfying. A beautiful collaborative birthing.


Riz Ahmed

Actor & Activist

We are all many things. We all wear different labels throughout our day and our lives in order to navigate a world too often separated by barriers of convention, tribe, conformity, fear, and commerce. As a Londoner and someone who works across various creative fields I know that the most unexpected and inspirational things happen when these false borders fall away, when juxtapositions are allowed to grow into hybrid forms. This spirit of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural collaboration, learning and creation is the spirit that guides our retreat as we challenge one another to confront the barriers we face to both collective and individual growth.


Martin Taylor

Artist, Educator, Examiner

Art has many languages but can be understood by all. We can collaborate and be creative in diverse and amazing ways, seeing, touching, feeling and making connections with our own world as well as that of each other. The fellowship supports this freedom of expression and shared experience.


Shiva Balaghi, Ph.D.

Historian & Art Curator

Creativity is the catalyst that brings forth epiphanies. Sitting in a darkened theater watching a play, passing through a museum filled with beautiful paintings, following the silent rhythm of a poem: those are the moments that free my mind. And it’s through that creative imagination that I arrive at an epiphany – a purity of vision, a profound understanding, and a sense of seeing things not just as they are but as they could be. My engagement with artists drives my scholarly work, but it has also become my way of being in this world.   


Alan Rusbridger

Editor, Author, Musician, Journalist

In both journalism, and now, in academia, I have cherished the opportunity to meet with people from greatly differing backgrounds. Sometimes, in my experience, the most significant moments of change and challenge happen when specialists and/or experts meet with people in entirely different fields.  The problems of the world can only be solved by mutual understanding collaboration. 


Arvind Gupta


Innovation, specifically, in the field of Biotech, is a means for change at a massive scale for human and planetary health. It is my mission to help the world uncover it's power, and share the message that we have the solutions to impact climate, economic growth, clean air, water, food supply, disease and more with scientific discovery, and a deeper understanding of the code of life. 

We have only scratched the surface in our efforts here. It is an honor to be involved in the Jericho Fellowship along with a community that is committed to expressing the best gifts humanity has to offer.


Marai Larasi

Activist & Educator

This is a rare privilege, and a gift. Our work as activists can feel like it exists in echo chambers or it takes you into spaces that are adversarial, hostile and lacking ‘common ground’. 

I am drawn in by the potential magic of just building ‘community’...across difference. There is a preciousness that happens when we come together to think, breathe and share.  Ancient knowledge can be excavated and [re]called, new ideas can emerge, new connections can be forged...and brave futures can be reimagined and created. Beautiful...let’s do this!


Dr. Rebecca Hammersley


As a psychiatrist, I hear about very different perspectives and interpretations of life’s experiences. Trying to help people make sense of these is, in a sense, a search for therapeutic epiphany. This fellowship is a vehicle to help promote thought and understanding amongst a diverse group of people.


Greta Gerwig

Writer, Director, Actor

The word “community” comes from the Latin “communis” which means “to share in common.” Community is of the common people, not kings or aristocrats or clergy. Community isn’t hierarchical. Neither is art. We’re all holy commoners as artists, we’re all in the glorious mess of life. Art is how I make sense of the world and my time here. Seeing a piece of work that touches my own aliveness fills me with gratitude. In my own work I’ve found that notes, revelations and, indeed, epiphanies, come from the most unexpected places and people.

An artist needs to expose their ideas to the community. It is there, not in splendid isolation, that art does what it needs to do — grow and connect and redeem.