The Jericho Fellowship


What is the Jericho Fellowship?

A four-day gathering around an annual theme that brings together visionary artists, scholars, and thinkers to share time, space, and ideas. Attendees include guests, speakers, and prize winners and are invited privately and individually. Days will be filled with lectures, panels, plays, musical performances, and delicious food! We invite you to be intellectually stimulated by a passionate group of people and come away with new ways of seeing and engaging with the world. To be inspired by special surroundings and a multi-disciplinary approach.


We are coming together as artists and creators to share a common language; to recognise that one word can mean many things. A multi-disciplinary approach to topics is our commonality. We want everyone to shed their personas, identities, and narratives and feel free. We want to create a space safe enough to support respectful challenge. A community where difference of opinion and experience is embraced in ways that help radical and inspirational ideas to emerge.We seek to build an environment where people feel heard and respected; where we have the utmost sensitivity to who people are and what they bring with them. 

Chatham House rules apply. Speeches, panels, art, and talks will only be shared with the creator’s express permission. Similarly, publishing any images/taking photographs can only be posted with subject’s permission.


We offer four places at the fellowship to individuals who excel in the following categories: Essay Writing, Playwriting, Visual Art, and Innovation.

Onsite Contacts…


Teresa Cebrian Aranda


Lihi Benisty